Alcohol Test

Many parents that are concerned about their teen's alcohol or drug use might purchase an at-home alcohol test kit. Using an alcohol test is a method for parents to find out if their teen has been consuming alcohol. Parents can find an alcohol test online or through certain health clinics.

For some parents, having their teen take an alcohol test was never an idea that occurred to them as a way to help prevent their teen from using alcohol. However, there are many different versions of drug, tobacco and alcohol tests that parents can use to test their teen or at least be reassured their teen is not using drugs or alcohol. There are versions of the alcohol test that are FDA approved and have found to give parents reliable results about their teen's alcohol use. 

Why use an alcohol test?

Many parents may worry that if they force their teen to take an at-home alcohol test providing them with urine or saliva samples, that it might work against them by pushing the teen away. However, many parents use at-home alcohol tests as a way to reach out to their teen to communicate and provide educational information about alcohol abuse. Other parents often feel that it is worth the risk to ensure their teen stays safe when it comes to using alcohol. Countless studies and statistical reports have found that underage drinking often leads to cases of drunk driving, accidents, violence as well as sexual assaults and rape. Some parents also encourage their teen to take an alcohol test even if they have never caught or found out about their teen drinking alcohol. However, they see it as preventative measure against their teen ever starting to drink underage. 

The alcohol test controversy:

However, there is some controversy regarding forcing  your teen to take a drug or alcohol test at home. In some cases, parents require their teen to take the alcohol test and instead of achieving their high with alcohol or select drugs, teens find a way around  the drug or alcohol test. Instead, they choose to do drugs or inhalants that cannot be detected with the drug or alcohol test. It is important to know the different ways that teens might cheat on drug or alcohol tests. 

Don't think that just by using an alcohol test  you can prevent your teen from using all types of drugs. While it may stop them from using alcohol, it may not stop them from using drugs that cannot be tested by the alcohol test. As parents, you are still responsible to talk with your teen about alcohol and drug use. An alcohol test may not solve all of these problems. Another negative side of using alcohol tests on your teen is false negatives. Many parents may think their child is not doing drugs or alcohol, but it could just be the result of a false negative from the drug and alcohol test. The important thing to remember is that alcohol and drug testing kits should be used correctly and responsibly and should not be used in place of alcohol abuse education with your teen. 

While some law enforcement officials and health care professionals encourage the use of at-home drug or alcohol tests, there are other doctors and substance abuse therapists that discourage the use of at-home alcohol tests. Many believe parents who are that concerned about their teen's alcohol or drug abusive behavior should go directly to a professional source and seek treatment and support for their teen early on. 

Ultimately one of the best things you can do is establish a trust system with your teen. Many parents feel that by requiring their teen to take an alcohol test, they can form that trust bond with their teen. Overall communication is one of the most important tools you can use to assist your teen in making smart choices when it comes to alcohol and drug use. If your teen does not respond well to the alcohol test or continually fails the alcohol test, it might be a good second option to seek professional help and treatment options for your teen such as counseling, or drug or alcohol support through group counseling. 


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