Vodka Soaked Tampons? Hoax?

Vodka soaked tampons? Hoax? New trend? Recent media sources are reporting that a new trend teens are practicing to get drunk involve soaking a tampon in alcohol and using it vaginally and rectally in order to get drunk throughout the day while they are at school.

The idea of vodka soaked tampons sounds so ridiculous that many might believe the whole report is simply a hoax. However, according to some reliable media reports and reputed doctors, the idea of vodka soaked tampons is not a hoax and teens are trying the idea. However, doctors quickly know about the new trend because the act of a vodka soaked tampon being inserted vaginally or anally through the rectum is an incredibly dangerous practice. There are several medical problems that can result from doing this sort of activity to get drunk while at school. Ultimately, whether a hoax or not, it is no secret that teens are working to come  up new ways to get drunk or do drugs while at school or under the supervision of their parents. This type of trend is a sign that more parents need to take an active role in talking to their teens about drug use or alcohol and underage drinking

Vodka Soaked Tampons:

Doctors that commented on the issue of teens using vodka soaked tampons to get drunk said it is often a faster way for teens to get drunk than in comparison to drinking it orally. Because the blood immediately absorbs the alcohol content from the tampon instead of it going through the stomach and whatever food absorption is there, the teen is more likely to get drunk quicker. However, this is also incredibly dangerous. Some teens might practice this dangerous behavior for the quick buzz as well as the concern that if they drink it, their parents or teachers are going to be able to smell the alcohol on their breath. Teens might be so desperate to fit in and fall to the peer pressure of drinking, that they will engage in this incredibly dangerous behavior. Some teens might also believe in the myth that they will be able to pass an alcohol breathalyzer test if they try and get drunk this way. However, the breathalyzer test is actually testing what is in your blood stream. This means that any kind of alcohol in the system in anyway that it goes in, will show up in the breathalyzer test. 

Another problem with vodka soaked tampons is that because the stomach acid is not reacting to alcohol ingestion. This might encourage the teens to think they can absorb more and more alcohol through the tampon to get even drunker without having to worry about precautions. However, this will likely lead the teen to getting drunk so fast that they will pass out. Because of the way the alcohol is being ingested, unless someone like a friend is able to tell the doctor what happened, the doctor will not know what problem to look for. This could cause the teen to die or receive other internal damage from the alcohol poisoning

Simply by inserting the alcohol soaked tampon can also cause vaginal infections, urinary tract infections and other problems with the female organs. The alcohol is also likely to burn the rectum and vagina in an incredibly painful way.

Some still may not believe that vodka soaked tampons are real, and is in fact a hoax, but ultimately the most important thing for parents to remember is that regardless of what they think their teen is up to, it is important to talk to them about underage drinking and the dangers of messing around with alcohol consumption. Make an effort to talk to your teen about their activities, who they are hanging out with and make sure they know that they can always talk to you about any questions regarding alcohol and drug abuse. There are also some really great teen-oriented websites that can help educate your teen about the dangers of underage drinking and drug use. You might want to consider showing these websites to them so they can learn about how to be safe, avoid drinking and drug use as well as the peer pressure that might make them feel obligated to participate in dumb and unsafe activities like vodka soaked tampons.


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