Mothers Against Drunk Drivers - MADD - Review

Mothers Against Drunk Drivers - MADD is an organization of individuals that was started almost 32 years ago as a way to crack down on the number of drunk drivers on the road and the number of drunk driving-related deaths. In the 30 plus years since MADD's inception, the organization has had much success in achieving its goals.

The Mothers Against Drunk Driving organization was first created in 1980 when the founder, Candy Lightner, had a daughter that was tragically killed by a repeat drunk driving offender. Another mother of a young daughter, who was hit by a drunk driver and became America's youngest quadriplegic, also joined Candy in her goal of trying to save lives by keeping drunk drivers off the road. MADD is currently known as one of the nation's most effective charities based on the MADD success stories that have resulted since the organization was started. Since then, dozens of other Against Drunk Driving groups have been created throughout the nation among cities, towns, universities, colleges, schools, churches and other organizations. 

Much of the success MADD has achieved in the past three decades is attributed to the massive amount of support this charity has managed to receive from millions of individuals who support the cause to prevent drunk drivers from ever being allowed behind the wheel of a motorized vehicle. There are several active strategies that the members of MADD engage in to continue achieving its goals and marking mile stones to prevent drunk drivers from being allowed to drive after receiving a citation and ticket for drunk driving. First, MADD supports the law-enforcement heroes that strive to keep the roads safe. The high-visibility law enforcement is meant to assist in catching drunk drivers and discourages others from taking the risk and driving drunk. 

MADD also strives to support policy change like the policy that requires convicted drunk drivers to blow before they go using ignition interlock devices as well as in-car breathalyzers. All convicted drunk drivers must prove they are sober before the car will start. Through its Turning Cars Into The Cure Campaign, MADD members are encouraging policy change and development to create cars in the future that will automatically determine whether or not the driver is at or above the legal limit of .08 and failing to operate if the driver in in fact over the legal limit of intoxication. 

Drunk driving fatalities are on the decline dropping 12 percent from 2006 to 2008, which is further evidence to support that programs like MADD are effective in helping to prevent drunk drivers from getting behind the wheel. MADD attributes its efforts to saving over 300,000 lives and counting in the years since the program has been created. However, there are still thousands that are killed each year in the United States as a result of drunk driving. Statistics show that one in three individuals will be in an alcohol-related crash at least once within their lifetime. The goal of the MADD organization is to change this number and decrease drunk driving incidents and fatalities by 10,000 by the end of 2012. 

In addition to helping keep drunk drivers off the roads, MADD works to prevent underage drinking since many of the drunk drivers on the road are in face under the legal age to purchase and consume alcohol. The numbers of teens drinking and driving is down and continues to decline, which MADD attributes to the saving of 27,000 lives in the United States through the passing of groundbreaking public health laws. Many strategies are used by MADD members to help parents learn to talk to their children about drinking underage as well as the dangers of drinking and driving. These efforts also include preventing and discouraging adults from providing alcohol to underage teens. MADD continues to support the 21 drinking age law.

Other MADD efforts include victim support services for those who have been affected, injured or had family and friends hurt or killed as a result of drunk driving. MADD provides these services at no charge and continues to increase its services to benefit more and more victims of drunk driving accidents.

To learn more about MADD or to contribute and join the cause, be sure to check out the MADD website available online to learn more! 

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